How to Think About Your Next PR Campaign

Whether your company is well established or a new startup, it is important to think about how your name is perceived in the marketplace. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is through a thought-out public relations plan that reaches your target market.

There are plenty of tools to approach this – press releases, social media, blogging, press pitches, etc. A real PR campaign, however, is developed through understanding a client’s business, goals and timelines and having a PR team that can deliver that message.

There are plenty of tools, but they are just that – tools. The most important part of PR is the execution. PR is not about press releases, but rather about developing and pitching story ideas to targeted media that will brand a company or individual as a thought leader in a particular area of expertise.

The PR person or firm you want to hire will build media relationships and follow industry trends to make sure your name is always in the mix. It is basically like having your own in-house journalist. True PR professionals have relationships with reporters, editors and producers. They understand what is needed and can spoon-feed them the right information, thereby setting up interviews.

Ask yourself: Why was I not mentioned in that industry piece? Why did I not get a profile when I launched my startup? Why is my competitor always interviewed and not me?

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