Benefits of Content Management Systems

The ability to edit your website easily is a wonderful thing. This all is thanks to web based content management systems. Unless you are savvy with HTML and FTP protocols websites can be a pain to edit but that is mostly a thing of the past with the implication of content management systems. There are a ton of CMS options to choose from. Here at DW&P we stick to mostly the WordPress CMS for web development. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a CMS and we have worked with a lot of them.

So let’s discuss what a content management system does. A CMS in its simplest form allows users from one interface to create, edit and remove pages from a website. However, as CMSs have evolved they now include a variety of other options including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social networking features plus much, much more. CMSs fall into two different camps one being open source platforms and the other being proprietary or closed source platforms. DW&P is biased to open-source platforms based on a number of reasons including cost, features and their ability to adapt to clients needs.

We have the ability to fix your existing CMS system problems or offer new solutions to your CMS problems. Contact us today to see how a CMS can help you.

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